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 The Freemax GEMM DTL pod (0.5 ohm)

The 0.5-ohm tank on the other hand, is not bad at all. Flavor is clean, crisp and reminds me a lot of the original GEMM tanks. These tea fiber wicks seem to be the real deal. And the coil certainly lasts for long. Freemax lists the lifespan at 10-20 fills, and I easily went over ten fills with a relatively clean juice.

The coil feels a tiny bit underpowered even at the high level, but I tried it at 30 watts on another mod and got a dry hit after a couple of puffs. I suggest starting with lower nic at the high power setting and adjusting to taste. I had no problem using up to 20 mg nic salts at the mid and low power settings, but I mostly used it with 3 mg regular nic at high.