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VUSE device
VUSE device
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VUSE device

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The stylish ePod design provides simplicity without compromise and a vaping experience that delivers the perfect puff. Vuse ePod’s nicotine salt formula delivers bold flavours and a satisfying vaping experience.

Ergonomically designed, with an all new soft touch finish, Vuse ePod is compact when you need it to be, and bold when you don't. Puff activated, Vuse ePod is a sleek vaping platform which is ready to go when you are.

Approximately 275 puffs per pod.
Available in 5 bold nicotine salts flavours for an intense taste.

Select a device and a flavour combination at a nicotine level of your choice to experience the ePod.


Delivery - Puff Activated

Pod Size - 1.9mL, approximately 275 puffs

Charging Time - Vuse ePod takes 80 mins to charge from zero-to-full, delivering all day battery life.

Battery - 350 mAh

Weight - 23g

Heating System - Ceramic Heating

Colour & Finishing - Soft touch finish in Graphite Black